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Who is Tizzy?
I'm Moataz Ahmed, a.k.a. Motizzy or tizzy ...long story. A Freelance Graphic Designer turned business consultant and hand lettering artist, I work in many languages and in many places, focusing on making your business look and advertise awesomely. I watch commercials and learn languages for fun, and I once found $5. I was born in Egypt and now live in Columbus, OH., USA. My goals in life are to visit as many countries as I can, going to every single continent and to make you think I'm really cool. My favorite clients are those who are professional in business but sign off their emails with 'latuh playa'. If that sounds like you, then hire mo-tizzy right now.
Don't Take My Word For It...
Throughout my experiences in developing relationships while building my own company, I can say with full confidence that Moataz is one of the few people who not only genuinely cares about the company but also the person behind it. This coupled with his depth of knowledge makes for an irreplaceable partner and consultant. 

Faraz Malik, Founder and CEO of Arabic Daily
At Book A Muslim, we've consulted with Moataz on how to grow our small business in order to increase sales as well better branding techniques. In a few hours, we were able to learn extremely effective strategies to streamline our processes, how to engage our audience better on social media to increase sales, as well as how to best improve our branding to leave a lasting impression. What started off as just a few basic questions on graphic design, led to an in depth analysis of our company that we were not expecting. With Moataz Ahmed, you don't just get your questions answered; you get clear direction, learn long term techniques, and you get a reliable team member. 

Syed Umar Warsi, Founder and CEO of Book A Muslim
Moataz's design is clean, sophisticated and visually appealing. I contacted Moataz about creating an interesting logo for a small company I started, and I’ve received numerous compliments from clients regarding that logo. Moataz Ahmed is definitely the go to designer for anything you might need. He's an awesome graphic designer who also fights dragons, tames wild tigers and eats fire. Ian Renz, Founder of Himalayan Trading Co.
"Moataz’s work is not only dynamic and visually appealing, it’s unique and stylized so beautifully to compliment and further benefit whatever it is that you’re marketing! His steady hand and thoughtfulness throughout the piece is apparent and further illustrates his sincere love for design. I put my trust in Moataz when it comes to logo designs!" Mushtaq Dualeh, Graduate Student, Fullbright Scholar and TedX Speaker
But Wait, There's More
"I've used Moataz for a number of different projects and have been extremely satisfied with the results every time. He's a talented, hard-working, artist who takes pride in his work. I highly recommend Moataz for any design work you need." Rakaan Kayali, CEO and founder of Practical Islamic Finance
"Really easy to work with, and work product was better than what we expected." Omar Tarazi, Esquire and Founder
"Moataz is a creative genius. He effortlessly took an idea I had for my organization's new logo from conception to reality. He has a blend of skills that is unique and imaginative, and the passion he has for his craft is evident. His prompt and courteous service helped me get exactly what I needed when I needed it: excellent design." Adam Mageed, Student Leader and Activist
"The Most Talented Designer I ever worked with." Tamer Shokry, Business Owner